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The Ultimate Fighter 14 Episode 8 Recap: Not The Last You'll See Of Akira Corassani

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Akira Corassani, cast member of season 14 of 'The Ultimate Fighter', tells his side of the story from episode 8, fighting David Bermudez and more.

Akira Corassani
Akira Corassani

What's up, everyone? Good episode this week, right? Except for the loss.

I think the episode started with me giving Bryan Caraway a buzzcut. We were all planning it, the whole Deaf Leprechaun Gang. He was spending a lot of time fixing his hair and no one wanted to do it. Everyone wanted to, but no one had the balls to. So I grabbed my trimmer and I gave him a new haircut. We were very bored at that point. We had to do something drastic.

We didn't know anything about coach Michael Bisping's big prank before it happened. They highjacked our bus on the way to training and told us to act like this and that. We went in and just sprayed the shit out of the place. I didn't really understand what the prank was about, but when I saw the whole place filled with smoke I realized we pranked ourselves. There were just layers and layers of powder on the ground. We couldn't train properly. A lot of guys on Miller's team were pissed off, including Johnny Bedford. He seemed pissed at me but we were friends actually. We were pranking everybody. We even pranked Bisping! There's so much they haven't shown. 1,028 hours of footage were recorded so guess how many aren't going to air?

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Like that whole song with Dennis Bermudez? That was a joke taken out of context. Dennis and I were friends even before the house. We had no animosity or bad blood whatsoever. But I admit he's not a very sharp guy. Some people were looking at me singing like "what the fuck" but it was still a joke. Due to copyright laws we weren't allowed to sing
other songs so we had to make up ones ourselves. I think Dennis liked it.

My thing arguing with Bisping was that I wanted to work more on defending the takedown. I wanted to train takedown defense, but Bisping obviously wanted me on my back if I got held down. I ended up listening to him. There was nothing more to it than to just shut my mouth and do what he said.

I fought my fight. I went in knowing I was going to beat him. The plan was to soften him up with punches and finish him quick in the first round. It was going that way. He was hurt right away. Left hook, right hand. The better shape you're in, the quicker you recover from a knockdown. Dennis was in pretty good shape because I was connecting. I was like "holy sh*t! He's a zombie!" He just kept coming back, refused to fall asleep. I got carried away because I kept wondering when he was going to go down. I was having too much fun. Then I knocked him down the last time and he did a 360 and went for a takedown. I was too relaxed. I didn't take the situation serious enough and it turned into a mistake. The choke wasn't tight at first. I wanted him to burn his arms out so he couldn't hold them up when we got up, but then Miller coached him perfectly. He did everything well and adjusted. It was in. It was a terrible spot to be in, against the cage being locked down. I tapped and then passed out. I thought to myself "FUCK IT! I'm so stupid. I'm just going to pass out."

So was it fight of the season? I hope so. I think it was a great fight and I did what I had to do. I have to give Dennis a lot of credit because he came back from all those shots. People told me I fought my ass off, but I didn't. I just did what I had to. Dennis fought his ass off. That's why I love this sport so much. You just have to be sharp at all times. I'm looking forward to hearing from the haters. I love them. I need them.

As always thank you everybody for all the support. This is absolutely not the last you'll be seeing of me. Remember we are all one world. We are all one.

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Much love.