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VIDEO: Chris Leben's UFC 138 Vlog Part 1

Chris Leben begins his UFC 138 video blog in advance of his bout with Mark Munoz with a look back at his training for Wanderlei Silva in UFC 132 and a little bit of discussion of his strategy against Munoz -- or is it a little bit of pre-fight deception?

It's always interesting to watch pre-fight strategy talk from fighters' camps because they're always trying to send a message to their opponent rather than actually talking about their fight strategy. It seems fairly obvious that Chris Leben isn't really working on a bunch of side kicks to use against a gold star wrestler like Mark Munoz, but then again, anything is possible.

If Leben were to post a video blog of himself getting one of Steven Seagal's infamous "coaching" telephone calls, that would be the pinnacle of the pre-fight put on. I suspect that's too much to hope for. 

Leben also sings a little bit of Guns N' Roses in this video.