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UFC 136 Video Highlights: Jose Aldo Decisions Kenny Florian To Keep Featherweight Title

It was an utterly heartbreaking night for Kenny Florian. It was Jose Aldo's most significant win of his young mixed martial arts career. In arguably the first real challenge by an established fighter with proven ability, Aldo managed to earn a unanimous decision win over perennial contender Florian at UFC 136 by landing more significant strikes and stifling the wrestling attempts of the featherweight champion.

Florian's strategy to win via wrestling seemed predicated on getting Aldo to commit to strikes, giving Florian the ability to time a shot in the center of the cage. He did this to decent effect in the first round, but when Aldo more carefully selected his striking exchanges in subsequent frames Florian was forced to resort to pressing Aldo into the cage - a place where Florian's offensive wrestling is far less effective. There were also several shots where Aldo either whizzered to spin Florian to his back or stuffed outright.

Relive the fight here: