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UFC 136 Dana White Video: I'd Be Stupid To Not Make Anderson Silva Vs. Chael Sonnen Rematch

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UFC President Dana White told the media after the press conference for UFC 136 that he's likely going to make the rematch between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen. He also would like to see Frankie Edgar face Jose Aldo.

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UFC President Dana White spoke with members of the press following last night's UFC 136 post-fight press conference. The discussion is extremely lax and a great way to find out additional thoughts that White may not be willing to say during the presser.  

In this exclusive video, Dana White tells MMA Nation he is most likely doing Chael Sonnen vs Anderson Silva 2 soon. In his words, "Those guys don't like each other. I don't know if Chael really hates Anderson but Anderson, I don't know if any of you saw his face when he won, but he wasn't doing the whole joking around thing. He was pissed. He was really upset about the slapping the wife on the butt thing. He's really pissed about it." "More than likely I'm making that fight. I don't like to commit to anything the night of the fights but I'd be pretty f****ing stupid to not make that fight."

He also spoke about what is next for UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar, saying he'd like to Edgar face UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo. "Honestly? I'd like to see him more to 145 and fight Aldo," said White.

"I'm not gonna make him do it. How do you make a guy who's been so dominant at that weight class. Who am I to say you can't stay here? You beat everybody in that division. It's a tough argument to have."

He further insisted regarding (former?) Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez that no decision has been made about who he'll face once he makes the move to the UFC, "I don't want to get into any of that Strikeforce bulls*** tonight, but it's not really a clear cut choice," White said.