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Frankie Edgar Finally Stops Gray Maynard At UFC 136

UFC lightweight champ Frankie Edgar had to survive a close call in the first round of their UFC 136 bout. When he hurt Maynard in the fourth, he didn't let up and immediately went in for the kill. Frankie Edgar definitively answered the who is the better man question tonight.

UFC 136 results: Frankie Edgar defeats Gray Maynard by TKO referee stoppage at 3:54 of round 4.

Maynard came right out and put another beating on Edgar. An early uppercut hurt Edgar but the champ answered with a sharp straight right. Maynard tagged Edgar hard again with a straight right and hurt the champ again. Maynard didn't panick this time though, he kept his head, conserved his energies, landed his shots and took his time. 

In the second, Edgar came out paler than Heath Ledger's Joker. They danced a while then Edgar began to connect. Maynard went for a high kick or two. But Maynard basically took the round off and Edgar scored more points. 

More of that in the third. Maynard pressed the action a bit more, but had even less success. Edgar hit a fluid rhythm and outscored Maynard. 

Maynard upped the aggression in the fourth but to little avail. Then suddenly Edgar shot in and caught Maynard with a sharp uppercut in the chin that hurt Gray. Once he tasted blood in the water, Edgar poured it on with a series of right hands that dropped Maynard. He then switched to his left hand as Maynard hit the ground.