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Jose Aldo Outpoints Kenny Florian At UFC 136

In the first, Florian showed he wasn't intimidated by Aldo and went for a series of take downs that forced Aldo to tire himself out defending take downs and fighting back to his feet. Florian handily won the first round.

UFC 136 results: Jose Aldo defeats Kenny Florian by unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46).

In the second, Aldo came out with a flying knee that missed badly. Florian fired and landed several kicks and Aldo could only answer with punches for fear of the take down. Florian caught Aldo repeatedly with leg kicks, then head kicks then a punch. Aldo answered with a head kick then threw Florian down and nearly kicked him on the way back up. Aldo caught him with a sharp jab. Florian beat Aldo to the punch with a leg kick then forced a clinch looking for a single leg. 

Aldo connected first in the third and got more aggressive with his kicks. Aldo hurt Florian with a hard inside kick then followed up with a damaging punch combination. Florian landed a jab but Aldo countered hard. Florian shot in and Aldo landed on top. Florian fought desperately to get guard then Aldo passed to 1/2 guard. Florian went for a deep half guard sweep but Aldo stayed on top. Florian ate some shots but did manage to slow Aldo down. Aldo landed a hard elbow then Florian stood up. Aldo immediately landed with a punch and an inside leg kick. Florian shot in for a single leg. 

In the fourth, Florian landed the first leg kicks and even checked an Aldo leg kick. Aldo landed a straight right then an inside kick that hurt him. Aldo fired some hooks. Florian forced another clinch and Aldo fought free. Repeat. Aldo landing some shots to the body and the head and Florian forced another clinch.