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UFC 136 Results: Jose Aldo Decisions Kenny Florian Over Five Rounds

The co-main event of the event on tonight's pay-per-view broadcast is Kenny Florian vs. Jose Aldo. This is a featherweight fight, meaning 145 pounds. This is for the UFC featherweight title and is scheduled for five, five-minute rounds. The referee in charge of the action is Dan Mirogliotta.

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ROUND 1 - Florian opens southpaw, Aldo orthodox. Aldo rushes forward with punches, but doesn't land much. Florian gets stuffed on a takedown attempt and Aldo unloads. Florian recovers. Florian times another takedown and gets it temporarily, but Aldo tries to get back to his feet. Florian pressing Aldo in the cage. Two takedown attempts from Florian come close, but Aldo hangs on to his feet. Florian constantly pressuring Jose Aldo. He's not getting takedowns, but he's preventing Aldo from doing anything.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Florian.

ROUND 2 - Both fighters trading jabs and straight punches, none landing to great effect. Both fighters exchange leg kicks. Both fighters also exchanging blocked head kicks. Failed takedown attempt from Florian. Not much action in the round as Aldo is hesitant and Florian tries to make Aldo open up.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-10.

ROUND 3 - Florian opens with several leg kicks, but eats a jab and now a straight from Aldo. Nice combination from Aldo as he hits a leg kicks plus a one-two. Aldo moves to mount after a failed takedown attempt from Florian. Florian recaptures half guard. Aldo stands up and now Florian follows. Florian attempting a takedown, but can't get it.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Aldo.

ROUND 4 - Florian opens with a leg kick. Nice right straight from Aldo. Hard inside leg kick also from Aldo. Florian initiates a clinch, eats a knee, but keeps driving forward. Florian reaching now for takedowns and getting nothing. The fighters clinch along the fence, but Aldo able to stop Florian's advances. Hard right hand from Aldo.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Aldo.

ROUND 5 - Both fighters seem to open much more loosely in this final round. Florian slips on the mat and now Aldo is kicking his legs. Aldo nearly takes mount, but Florian manages to move his hips in constant position to avoid the final pass. Both fighters stand and Florian looks desperate. Aldo now pressing Florian into the cage. Aldo shrugs him off. Jumping knee from Aldo ends the match.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Aldo and the fight 49-47 Aldo.

UFC 136 results: Jose Aldo defeats Kenny Florian by unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46).