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Chael Sonnen Crushes Brian Stann At UFC 136 And Calls Out Anderson Silva

Middleweights Chael Sonnen and Brian Stann were fighting for a title shot at UFC 136

Sonnen immediately came out and showed why he's the biggest threat to champion Anderson Silva. He immediately forced a clinch, landed some shots and then tripped Stann to the ground. Once there Sonnen reigned for the rest of the round. Taking a variety of dominant positions, Sonnen battered Stann with brutal ground and pound. 

UFC 136 results: Chael Sonnen defeats Brian Stann by submission (head and arm triangle) at 3:51 of round 2.

In the second, Sonnen immediately took Stann down with an explosive double leg take down. He opened up with the ground and pound then took Stann's head and cranked it while he moved to side control. Sonnen moved to an utterly smothering mount. Stann locked on tight and Sonnen chest slammed Stann's head into the mat repeatedly. Stann fought to full guard when the ref made an unnecessary stand up. Sonnen immediately forced another clinch then picked Stann up high and slammed him down hard. They landed in side control. Sonnen went for an arm triangle and forced the tap. 

After Sonnen tapped out Stann, he called out the middleweight champion Anderson Silva who was sitting cage side. 

"Anderson Silva sucks. Super bowl weekend, I'm calling you out. The biggest fight of the year and let's up the stakes: if I win you leave the division and if you win I'll leave the UFC."