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Nam Phan Finally Beats Leonard Garcia At UFC 136

Phan came out aggressive and firing combinations to start the fight. Garcia fired back with hooks and leg kicks. Phan countered with double jabs and landed a sharp combination that hurt Garcia. Garcia survived and tagged Phan back but Phan continued to press and dropped Garcia with a punch. Garcia quickly got guard on the ground and stalled the action. They stood back up and Phan landed hard shots but Garcia hung in and fired back. Garcia shot in and Phan fended it off with a beautiful whizzer. More jabs and body punches landed for Phan. Garcia started to gas and Phan pushed the action, hurting Garcia with several shots. Garcia claimed an eye poke and got a pause. Phan tossed Garcia down and landed some sharp shots. 

UFC 136 results: Nam Phan defeats Leonard Garcia by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Phan came out landing hard shots and eating them too in the second. Phan landed a succession of hooks in rapid sequence. Garcia hung in and fired back. Phan began to pick him apart, making Garcia miss wildly. Phan landed sharp series of hooks and uppercuts. Garcia hung in again but Phan hurt him often. Phan came forward tagging Garcia like the Lubbock police with stun gun jabs. But again the bloodied Garcia remained standing. 

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Garcia came out landing leg kicks  and looking sharp in the third. Phan began to connect but then Garcia dropped him with a straight punch. Garcia went for the kill and backed Phan up against the cage. Garcia connected repeatedly with extremely hard shots. Phan managed to tie Garcia up for a moment and seemed to recover. Garcia was winging wildly and missing again. Phan connected with sharp shots in sequence but Garcia stayed up on his feet. Phan got a take down with about 2 minutes left. After a ref restart Garcia went wild with spinning backfists that whiffed. Phan came in and out but Garcia went for an explosive double leg take down that Phan fended off. They ended the fight in the kind of wild brawl that Garcia thrives on.