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Darren Elkins Smushes Zhang Tie Quan At UFC 136

Featherweights Zhang Tie Quan and Darren Elkins met on the preliminary card of UFC 136 at the Toyota Center in Houston, TX. The fight streamed live on Facebook. 

Zhang went for his signature guilllotine choke to start the action but, despite having it locked in fairly tight, couldn't get the tap out. Elkins ended up on top and landed some good ground and pound after escaping the choke. Elkins went for a neck crank around the 2:30 left mark. Zhang escaped but remained on his back. Elkins got mount about 1:50 left and transitioned to an attack from Zhang's back. Elkins flattened Zhang out and went for a rear naked choke. Zhang escaped and Elkins ended the round with a flurry of punches from behind Zhang. 

UFC 136 Results: Darrin Elkins defeats Zhang Tiequan by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 30-26).

Zhang opened the second with another tight guillotine attempt that Elkins used to get Zhang down on the ground on his back. Elkins quickly took Zhang's back and punched away with his right hand. That went on for about 70 seconds before Zhang got half guard. Joe Rogan heaped scorn on Zhang's ground game as Elkins passed Zhang's guard. Then Zhang sprang to his feet and once again went for a guillotine choke. Elkins easily escaped and put Zhang on his back. It took about half a minute of elbows and hammerfists from Zhang's half guard before Zhang rolled him with a sweep. Elkins easily rolled Zhang back quickly. He remained in Zhang's 1/2 guard, content to land sporadic punches from the top. 

Elkins' opened the final round with a sharp right hand. Elkins shot in again and Zhang once again went for the guillotine and came closer than ever. Elkins' head turned a deep red before he escaped. Elkins had to pick Zhang up and go under him completely to get back on top. Elkins passed after about the 3 minute left mark. Elkins took side control, transitioned to a turtled Zhang's back. Elkins punched away before taking a figure four body lock with his legs around Zhang's abdomen. Elkins got close to the rear naked choke a couple times but couldn't get the finish. 

Tiequan Zhang said after the bout, "I was hoping to get a leg lock in the third round. I didn't punch enough during the standup."

Darren Elkins said, "I feel good after that win. He had me deep in a couple of chokes but when I gave him the body triangle I knew he couldn't get out of I knew that was the time to deliver lots of punches."