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UFC 136 Results: Mike Massenzio Decisions Steve Cantwell After Tough First Round

The first fight of the night at UFC 136 is a middleweight bout between Mike Massenzio and Steve Cantwell. Middleweight is 185 pounds to 204 pounds. This is Cantwell's middleweight debut. The referee in charge of the action is Kerry Hatley.

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ROUND 1 - Cntwell opens orthodox, Massenzio at southpaw. Right outside leg kick from Massenzio, not checked by Cantwell. Cantwell appears to be trying to determine range with a pawing jab and in and out footwork. A few front kicks from Cantwell, but they, too, are pawing kicks. Left straight to the body from Massenzio. Massenzio ducks under a punch, looks for the knee tap and cant get it. Cantwell lands a nice right hand to the face after landing a left to the body. Hard right hook from Cantwell rocks Massenzio, followed by a left middle kick. Inadvertent groin shot temporarily halts the action. Cantwell stuff a shot and nearly turns it into a Kadowaki Special, but abandons it and both fighters stand.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Cantwell.

ROUND 2 - Brazilian kick from Cantwell to start the round and it's partially blocked. Massenzio dives for a double and Cantwell trying to stuff it. Short right hook from Massenzio lands. Massenzio tries a low single or ankle pick, but can't get anything. Left hook from Massenzio finds the mark and another. Massenzio much more on the attack here. Rear uppercut now from Massenzio finds the mark and another left hook. Three short left hooks find the mark from Massenzio, but Cantwell fires off a knee to the middle. Both fighters trade hooks.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Massenzio.

ROUND 3 - Straight left and an uppercut from Massenzio pushes Cantwell back. Uppercut to the body of Cantwell lands from Massenzio and now there's a takedown attempt. Massenzio is landing just barely short punches followed by takedown attempts. He gets one after landing a nice straight and uppercut. Cantwell attempts an armbar from the guard, Massenzio lets it go and they both stand. Hard uppercut again from Massenzio and Cantwell is rocked. Standing guillotine attempt from Cantwell doesn't work, but it allows Cantwell to fire off a knee that lands. Massenzio's punches aren't super technical, but they're hard, center of pocket and landing almost at will. Massenzio ends the round escaping a rather non-threatening kneebar.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Massenzio and the fight 29-28 Massenzio.

UFC 136 results: Mike Massenzio defeats Steve Cantwell by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)