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UFC 136 Fight Card: Nam Phan Vs. Leonard Garcia Preview

MMA Nation Senior Editor Luke Thomas as always will be giving his breakdowns and predictions of the fights on the main card. UFC 136 is not just home to some fantastic title fights and the return of Chael Sonne, it is also the rematch that many fans feel is justified in Leonard Garcia vs Nam Phan 2. 

For those that need a refresher, the first fight was a typical Leonard Garcia performance of wild haymakers and and not much striking accuracy. Phan was much more technical in his striking, using angles and what could be considered solid boxing. It seemed like an absolutely no brainer on who was the clear and decisive victor. Unfortunately, the judges awarded the decision to the wrong man and the rivalry was born. 

The UFC has attempted to put this rematch together for some time and finally tonight these two will meet for the second time in the octagon. Let's hope that it doesn't go to the judges.