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Rashad Evans Releases Statement Regarding Jones Vs. Machida

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With Jon Jones vs. Lyoto Machida locked-in as the main event of UFC 140, it appears that once again Rashad Evans will have wait for his shot at the UFC title. After an anticipated match-up between Evans and Jones failed to come to fruition for the second time this year, the much-maligned former light heavyweight champion issued the following statement on Thursday via Authentic Sports Management:

"After my last fight against Tito Ortiz, I dislocated my right thumb, which required it to be set back in place and held with pins. 24 hours ago, my physician removed the pins. At that time, I learned that it would require another three weeks of rehabilitation before engaging in any exercise or training that would require the use of my hand.

Dana White and I spoke earlier today, and I fully understand his decision to put Machida against Jones for the title at UFC 140. Given the rehabilitation time I require for my dislocated thumb, I would not be 100 percent ready by December 10. The UFC has to keep making fights that entertain the fans. I would have done the same thing as Dana in his position. I'm asking for the fans to support me as I rehabilitate my hand, and I promise I will be back fighting very quickly."