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The Ultimate Fighter 14 Episode 3 Recap: 'A Lot Of Drama'

The Ultimate Fighter contestant Akira Corassani describes his experiences from episode 3 of the 14th season.

Akira Corassani
Akira Corassani

Hey Guys! That was a pretty crazy episode. A lot of Drama. You would think it's weird to see yourself on TV like that but what can you say? Everything is weird about 16 guys being locked in a house in the middle of the desert.

It started out with some sparring and me putting the fear into people. You could hear them in the beginning saying 60% power, technical sparring. That's what Bisping said. You have to remember Marcus just lost his fight. Imagine losing and being eliminated from the tournament. Maybe Diego hit him first and it escalated? Maybe it was just one of those days everyone was pissed off. Everyone had 12 week camps before they fought to even get into the house. Then you have to fight again and diet. People are always talking crap and the sparring situation was all a result of stress. You could see me going 60%. You could catch my kicks. Maybe when I said I like to put fear in people it was out of context. It wasn't even the same day.

My thinking behind the intimidation to put fear into my teammates was that it was a small house. Everyone wants to win and you have these eight guys who are going to be your friends for the season who you trust with your life. I don't think so. People are talking and spreading information so when I punch my people hard in the stomach I want them to go tell the other guys I'm dangerous. The whole thing with the show is how you want to see it. Do you see the subliminal messages and what's really going on?

The pool balls and stuff is how I really am in real life. I am a prankster and I like to have fun. I'm not taking myself seriously whatsoever. "Being that guy. I hate that guy!" It's an opinion. I'm surprised he got to know me so well in five days he got to hating me. I stand for everything I did in the house. Would I do the same thing today? I don't know.

Dustin Neace was very proud of his third testicle. I was surprised he would celebrate that but he was talking loudly about being gifted in that sense. You have 16 guys in the house with no phones and some crazy stuff is going to come out. He was missing his girlfriend. It's a crazy environment. That's what they want. Roland Delorme says he hates "that guy" that likes to be center of attention. My question to him is what is he doing on TV? Why are you even fighting in the center of a stadium? He probably heard somewhere that talking crap will get you more TV time and he got his 20 seconds. I'm being more real just being myself. For a guy to go out there and say he hates to be the center of attention and then go on a TV show. What are you doing? Why are you fighting? You love the crowd screaming your name. You will have to stay tuned to see what happens with us.

After the fight was over we were starting to get down a bit. This is our coach and he picked the best team and now we've lost two fights? I wasn't worried because I was just thinking about myself. This is not a team sport. They just divide it in two for the fun of the show. I was more concerned about the energy. I didn't want bad energy around the team during training. I love the guy so it was depressing to see Josh lose. I still had to just focus on my objective.

I promise the season only gets better guys so please keep watching and remember we are all one world. We are all one.

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