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VIDEO UFC 136: Frankie Edgar's Edge On Gray Maynard

UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar talks to MMA Die Hards about his upcoming re-rematch with Gray Maynard.


"I think one of my biggest advantages over Gray is how I can transition between all different facets of MMA, whether it be striking to wrestling to kickboxing to jiu-jitsu, I think that's my biggest thing. Obviously he's big and strong, I've got some speed on him, but I think how I can transition is probably the biggest advantage I have on him."


Edgar lost his first bout with Maynard in 2008 at UFC Fight Night 13 by a unanimous 30-27 decision. In the rematch on January 1, 2011, Maynard very nearly KO'd Edgar in the first round but Edgar survived and took enough rounds on enough cards to get a split draw (46–48, 48–46, 47–47).

Edgar managed to score several take downs on Maynard in the later rounds, including a few slams. Just as he asserts, he set up those take downs off a fluid kickboxing attack.