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UFC 136: Edgar Vs. Maynard III Press Conference Notes

The following are partial notes from the comments of today's participants in the UFC 136 press conference. Expect more updates and coverage throughout the day.

Dana White:

- Everyone knows what I've said about Florian in title fights. Let's see if Kenny can prove me wrong.

- Since we were in Houston last, we've grown in leaps and bounds. We've traveled around the world, and in the short time since we've been partners, Fox has been the best partners we've ever had.

- Houston is a huge market for the UFC. We've proved it again coming back here. When we do this first fight on Fox, millions of people who've never seen it will and will be addicted to it.

- This draw has been a logjam for the 155 division. I'm sure both guys are ready to get back to business.

- I don't even remember how I scored the rematch. I just remember 'god, a draw'.

Gray Maynard:

- It's been a long time [since Xtreme Couture had a champion]. It's a team thing. It'll be cool.

Chael Sonnen:

- Ring rust is real, but there's nothing I can do except go forward.

- With Anderson Silva, I'm out trying to pick a fight. I'm not scared of that guy. I'm sticking my finger in his chest, I'm picking a fight. I'm not going to quit.

- Frankie and Gray have been out for 10 months, too, so I'm not going to complain about the time off.

Brian Stann:

- I've been studying wrestling for two years, so if I'd been training for the last 10 weeks, I'd lose. But I've been training this a while.

- There's always doubts. What fun would be there be if it wasn't on the line? That's just the way it goes. I saw the ride and I bought a ticket anyways.

- There's definitely a rhythm to fighting, but in looking at his past performances I don't think there's going to be a huge factor with rust.

Kenny Florian:

- It's going to be a tough fight. A bloody fight, but I'm going to bring home the built.

- I don't see it [that this is my last stand]. It's been an excellent training camp. This is my time.

- Edgar vs. Maynard is an awesome fight. Edgar coming back was unbelievable. Both guys are very evenly matched. I'm lucky I get to go first. Both guys coming to fight.

Jose Aldo:

- Florian looks about the same at 155 as he does at 145

- Houston is hotter than Toronto, so it's been a lot easier to make the cut this time.