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UFC 137 Video: Nick Diaz Unhappy With Performance Against B.J. Penn

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Despite turning in what I would consider to be arguably the best performance (or at least the most significant victory) of his career, former Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz is nonplussed when it comes to self-assessment.

Perhaps more significantly, he seems unhappy with the terms of career advacement. "See how I've got to come off just to get a fight?" Diaz asks in the above video. "I've got to come off like that just to get a fight. I've got to be the bad guy. You want to point the finger, make me the bad guy. I'm the bad guy, and now I get to fight."

Well, yes, but there are worse positions in life than being the 'bad guy'. You could be the 'who is that guy?' which is a spot neither as fun nor as lucrative as the 'bad guy'.

It's all hand wringing, anyway. Whatever verbal protests Diaz may publicly issue, he seems all too willing to go through with the process. To play the game, to borrow Dana White's words. And in that space everyone - including Nick Diaz - wins.


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