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Video Dana White Talks About Dana White, The UFC, Brock Lesnar And More



UFC president Dana White sat down with Yahoo's Graham Bensinger for an Indepth interview. It's certainly extensive - all 11 parts are in the full entry - but some will wonder if Dana is saying anything new here at all. He talks about his days in South Boston and the hows and whys of being run out of town. 

White also discusses the UFC's long road from "human cockfighting" to internationally recognized sport. More in the full entry.


He also discusses the early days of the UFC, back when he was not only fighting to help turn this sport around, but more importantly, fighting to get back many of the things that the previous administration had sold to stay afloat, things like video game rights, fight libraries and even (which had been sold to User Friendly Computers.)

He lastly touches upon many modern talking points like the safety of the sport, fighters Georges St. Pierre, Brock Lesnar and even Fedor Emelianenko, fighter pay and why he'll never have a bad word to say about Donald Trump for as long as he lives.