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Flyweight Division Coming 'Soon' To The UFC, Says Dana White

The UFC will soon be adding a 125-pound flyweight division to it's ranks, according to UFC President Dana White.

Joseph Benavidez
Joseph Benavidez

The seven champions of the UFC will soon welcome an eighth member into their exclusive fold. According to UFC President Dana White, the promotion is gearing towards the addition of a flyweight weight class to its roster, targeted for 2012.

"I think we're going to have a really good 125-pound division," White confidently said after UFC on Versus 6. "I think there's going to be a lot more talent at that weight than there is at heavyweight."

With the newly added featherweight and bantamweight divisions still ingraining themselves into the UFC, the timing seems ripe for the flyweights. Finding talent for the new division could be simple, as several 135-pounders will conceivably make the leap, including UFC on Versus 6 headliner Demetrious Johnson and top-five bantamweight Joseph Benavidez. Similarly, several members of this season's "The Ultimate Fighter" roster could inevitably find themselves populating the new weight class.

Though that's not to suggest the UFC will rest on their laurels. Far from it, actually, as White explained the promotion's plan to scour the globe for top talent.

"When I talk about what we're doing next year -- as far as China, Japan, South Korea, ‘The Ultimate Fighter' going down to the Philippines, and all the other things that we're doing down there -- traditionally those guys are all lighter weight guys," White explained. "We'll get a lot of guys out of Brazil too.

"I don't exactly how we're going to do it yet, but we're going to do it, and we're going to do it soon."

MMA Nation Editor-In-Chief Luke Thomas was on hand at the post-fight press conference in Washington D.C. to record the announcement.