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Kenny Florian Talks Jose Aldo, UFC On Versus 6 Results On The Fight Fix

Dustin Green UFC in DC
Dustin Green UFC in DC

After a very successful event at the Verizon Center on Saturday for UFC on Versus 6, host Dustin Green of CSN Washington's The Fight Fix talked with UFC bantamweight newcomer Mike Easton about his debut win on this edition of 'The Fight Fix'. Green gets Easton's feelings on the win, what it's like to make his UFC debut in his hometown and more.

Green also talks to UFC featherweight contender Kenny Florian before his title bout this weekend with UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo. Florian addresses the Aldo intimidation factor, taking the belt from Aldo and more.

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1:04, Mike Easton n winning his UFC debut in his hometown: "Unbelievable.  It's just incredible.  I been thinking about this one moment since I was 17.  17, as a teenager.  That's when I met Master Lloyd Irvin.  He already had his gym.  He was already started.  Now today I get to make my debut and it's Team Lloyd Irvin's anniversary.  It' just a special moment for me and Dominick Cruz 'cus we made history tonight.  He made history.  I made history as the first guy from Washingotn, D.C. to fight in the UFC and the UFC is here.  IT's the first time the UFC has ever came to Washington, D.C. , inside of D.C.  It's just incredible."

1:37, Lloyd Irvin on Mike Easton's win: "The feeling was overwhelming because I look in the crowd and see all the green Hulk shirts and the people screaming his name.  [It's been] 2 years, his surgeries, everybody knows what he's been through.  So, it was a very emotional time."

Kenny Florian INTV

2:22, on changing his mindset for title fights: "I think so.  I think you kind of think about maybe tryinna do this or you maybe focus to much on one fight or a gameplans or that it's for the belt and this and that.  For me it's about going out there and beating Jose Aldo on October 8th.  Doing what I have to do.  Going out there and earning the victory and just bringing hell with me.  I'm not gonna be intimidated by Jose Aldo.  I'm gonna go right there, be aggressive like I always try to be.  I wanna go out there and get the belt, I don't wanna win the belt and I think there's a difference in that.  Before I kinda went to kinda do this or do that.  I wanna go out there and truly take the belt from him.  I don't wanna go out there and try to win by decision or anything like that, I wanna go out there and fight hard and really earn this victory."