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UFC 137 Results: Condit Reportedly 'Didn't Step Aside', St. Pierre Is 'Choosing To Fight' Diaz

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Georges St. Pierre reportedly chose to fight Nick Diaz over Carlos Condit, according to Condit's manager Malki Kawa.

Carlos Condit
Carlos Condit

The arrangement of Georges St. Pierre vs. Nick Diaz on Super Bowl weekend may not have been as clean-cut as first believed. According to Carlos Condit's manager, Malki Kawa, the former-WEC champion never chose to relinquish his title shot against St. Pierre. A disgruntled Kawa broke the news with this tweet late Saturday night.

"Can't wait until tomorrow. [Carlos Condit] didn't just step aside," Kawa declared. "[St. Pierre] is choosing to fight Nick."

Kawa further elaborated his position in a discussion with MMA Weekly. "We didn't step aside. That's not what we do," he wrote. "GSP doesn't want to fight Carlos."

Kawa's allegations directly conflict with those of UFC officials. After the UFC 137 post-fight press conference, UFC President Dana White tweeted, "If you haven't heard Carlos has agreed to step aside to let GSP fight Diaz!"

Regardless, Kawa explained that it was not his decision to make and he only hopes Condit will not be forgotten. "It is what it is," he said in a tweet. "We'll figure some things out. In the meantime, I'm sure [Dana White] is going to make it worth his while."