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UFC 137 Results: Nick Diaz Vs. Georges St. Pierre On For Super Bowl Weekend

Carlos Condit has stepped down and the UFC has targeted a welterweight title fight between Nick Diaz and Georges St. Pierre for Super Bowl weekend.

Nick Diaz
Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz vs. Georges St. Pierre is back on.

According to UFC President Dana White, the UFC has targeted Super Bowl weekend as a date for the titanic welterweight clash. As such, Carlos Condit has agreed to step down from his scheduled title shot and will fight an undetermined opponent on the aforementioned February card.

Immediately after defeating B.J. Penn at the main event of UFC 137 on Saturday night, Diaz called out the welterweight champion. "I don't think Georges is hurt. I think he's scared," he brashly declared. "What's up? Where you at Georges?"

Apparently the former-Strikeforce champion's comment incensed the normally composed St. Pierre. According to reports from Ariel Helwani and White, "Rush" blew up after the affront, exclaiming, "He's the most disrespectful human being I've ever met and I'm going to put the worst beating on him."

Diaz appeared satisfied after White made the announcement, but reportedly stated that he was only getting the shot "because people want to see me get an ass whooping." Diaz went on to add that he has to play a bad guy for the UFC to give him a fight.