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UFC 137 Results: B.J. Penn Vs. Nick Diaz Round 1

The main event of the evening at UFC 137 is B.J. Penn vs. Nick Diaz. This fight is scheduled for three five-minute rounds. This is a non-title affair. The referee in charge of the action is Josh Rosenthal.

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ROUND 1 - Penn ducks a right and lands a straight punch of his own. Now the fighters clinch along the fence. Penn lands a right and they separate. Right hand from Diaz lands over the top, but Penn responds. Right to the body by Diaz. Single leg dump by Penn and in a scramble he takes Diaz's back. Diaz escapes but Penn scrambles to side control. Diaz sits up and stands, now pressing Penn into the fence. Penn lands two-punch combo. Hard uppercut from Penn in the clinch. Right hand finds the mark for Penn. Diaz responds with a right of his own.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Penn.