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UFC 137 Results: Scott Jorgensen Decisions Jeff Curran After Three Rounds

The second fight of the night airing on the pay-per-view portion of the UFC 137 card is Jeff Curran vs. Scott Jorgensen. This is a bantamweight fight, meaning 135 pounds. The referee in charge of the action is Kim Winslow.

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ROUND 1 - Both fighters open orthodox. Jorgensen lands a takedown and now working on top in Curran's full but open guard. Decent right hand over the top from Jorgensen now. Curran almost hits a scissors sweep, but Jorgensen's base prevents the reversal. Curran tries to stand, but Jorgensen immediately drags him back down. Right hand from Curran finds the mark. Single leg dump, though from Jorgensen lands.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Jorgensen.

ROUND 2 - Left hook by Jorgensen finds the mark and he's taking center of the cage. Curran dives for a double, but Jorgensen stuffs it and fires knees from the front head lock. Jorgensen lands another takedown and is working from Curran's half guard. Curran nearly lands a guillotine, but Jorgensen goes back down and then base down to complete the escape. Curran from full guard nearly hits another scissors sweep, but Curran gets enough to be on top of Jorgensen facing him.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Jorgensen.

ROUND 3 - Three punch combo from Curran mostly blocked. Uppercut from Curran and a right hand partially land. Curran initiating most of the striking exchanges keeping Jorgensen off balance. Left hook from Curran now lands and again. Inside leg kick from Curran. Jorgensen stuffs a takedown from Curran.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Curran and the fight 29-28 Jorgensen.

UFC 137 results: Scott Jorgensen defeats Jeff Curran by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)