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UFC 137 Results: Ramsey Nijem Steamrolls Danny Downes To Decision Victory

The third fight of the night at UFC 137 and airing on Facebook is Danny Downes vs. Ramsey Nijem. This is a lightweight bout, meaning 155 pounds. This is Nijem's first fight since his loss to Anthony Ferguson. The referee in charge of the action is Josh Rosenthall.

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ROUND 1 - Both fighters open orthodox and right away Nijem lands several punches as he drives Downes into the fence. The takedown worked for Nijem and now Downes is trying to stand. He does. Nijem lands several more punches and now another takedown. Downes able to go base down and stand, but eats a knee for his efforts. Nijem lands a trip from the back and jumps to take Downes back. Nijem attempting a rear naked choke. Can't get it and both fighters stand.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Nijem.

ROUND 2 - Downes eats a right hand to start the round. Nijem dives for a takedown, but nearly ends up in a mounted triangle. Nijem escapes and pushes Downes back to the floor. Now Nijem moves to mount and the back. He nearly secures a rear naked choke, but can't make it work. Nijem spending a fair amount of time of Downes' back trying to choke, alternating between mount and back mount.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Nijem.

ROUND 3 - Nijem opens the round with a single leg takedown, now working from Downes' full guard. Nijem transitioning all over Downes from side to back and now back to side. Nijem angling for a d'arce choke, but abandons the effort. Downes able to stand, but Nijem takes the back of Downes and with a body lock begins to pound on Downes from the back.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Nijem and the fight 30-27 Nijem.

UFC 137 results: Ramsey Nijem defeats Danny Downes by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-26, 30-27)