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UFC 137 Video: B.J. Penn And Nick Diaz Go Feral At The Weigh-Ins

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Above is video of yesterday's weigh-ins for UFC 137: Penn vs. Diaz. As you can see, former Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz finally ginned-up some measure of forced animosity against and rivalry with former idol B.J. Penn. If history is any indication, Diaz's discontent will dissipate the moment the fight is over. That's been true in fights with heated back and forths in the pre-fight run. That's especially true now in what has been an especially tepid pre-fight build-up.

The upside, though, is that as contrived as the above act is, it is a reminder of what an excellent fight likely awaits fans this evening. I bet Diaz is overmatched, but the fight pits two premier talents against one other. The bout was made hastily, but is still significant. Tonight isn't ideal or everyone's first choice. But I suspect it might be rewarding just the same.



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