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UFC Targeting Hawaii Event For 2012

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The UFC is hoping to deliver an event to Hawaii in 2012.

Dana White Press Conference
Dana White Press Conference

The UFC is taking a page out of ProElite's book and shipping their stage across the Pacific Ocean. According to reports from MMA Weekly, promotion officials have targeted the islands of Hawaii as a viable location for a UFC event in the near future.

UFC President Dana White broke the news on Thursday, explaining how the promotion always wanted to travel to the islands but first had to wait until the state set up an athletic commission similar to those in other sections of the United States. Now the commission is in place and a definitive timetable is being explored, but officials already have a clear goal.

"Next year. We're looking at next year," White explained.

According to White a decision on venues is still under discussion, however given the tropical aura of the islands, an outdoor arena is being heavily considered. As for possible fighters to line the card, one can't help but wonder whether the UFC's most famous Hawaiian, former lightweight champion B.J. Penn, will make the trip.

"I don't know," White answered in response to the prospect. "It's like that Canada thing when everybody thought Georges (St-Pierre) had to be on the card. It's great to have him, but it's one of those markets we'll kill it with or without him."