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VIDEO: UFC On Fox Primetime Teaser

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UFC released a trailer or teaser or preview of their upcoming UFC on Fox Primetime special. The show is set to air this Sunday and if the above video is in any way representative of the quality, we are in for a treat. Like the HBO 24/7 series, good Primetime episodes make the central fight a resolution of matters of great consequence of importance. There is some embellishment here of the stakes, but the narrative is gripping and, if nothing else, fun.

Here's the video's official description:

On Saturday, Nov. 12, two giants of the Octagon will meet when unbeaten UFC champion Cain Velasquez collides with Brazilian knockout artist Junior dos Santos. Velasquez, the first Mexican heavyweight champion in combat sports history, returns after defeating Brock Lesnar for the title last year. Meanwhile, dos Santos has been equally impressive, dominating former interim champion Shane Carwin in his last bout. Two Giants. One Title.

Which man leaves the Honda Center on Nov. 12 as the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world?

Watch UFC on FOX Primetime: Velasquez vs dos Santos, Sunday, October 30 on FOX. Check local listings.