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The Ultimate Fighter 14 Episode 6 Recap: I'll Be That Guy This Season

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The Ultimate Fighter contestant Akira Corassani blogs about his experiences shooting the sixth episode of Season 14: Bisping vs. Miller.

Akira Corassani
Akira Corassani

That was a calm one. The episode starts off with the same story as last week, but this time they showed the other camera angles!

This time they showed the situation from above. I have the .gifs on my website showing the different angles that clearly show that it was not a tap. It only looks like a tap from that angle they showed last week. If you see it from the other angles you see I never tapped. The reason it looked like a tap was because I shoved his feet over to one side.

He slipped so I got out. A lot of people have emailed me apologizing after seeing the video from every angle. I've gotten a lot of comments about it. Everyone from my Twitter, email and website. I don't even know who made the .gifs. I just got them from some guy off the Sherdog forums.

Me and Diego Brandao became very close, like brothers. We were looking out for each other and were the only non-American guys in the house.

He was talking with me about his life and background and I was just trying to support and comfort him. I lived in his country for a bit in 2006 so I understood him and where he came from. The show is edited here and there. Diego had good cardio. We all know it's a TV show. If you have more than a five IQ you'll understand what that's about. His cardio was fine. He was going hard all the time. Maybe too hard sometimes. His fight is a tough one because Steven Siler is a great fighter. I feel for Siler because he didn't even have a chance to throw a jab or show anything. You have to be ready when you go to fight. It's not often but when a guy charges you like that but it only takes one punch with those small gloves to put you out. He has to sit there and think "I should have done this or that" but he can't. You have to weather the storm to calm the situation. I just feel sorry for Siler. I saw that fight and just thought "Oh shit, man. That was his chance to get into the fighting game."

Ryan Parsons is a great guy. I don't know what that was all about. Maybe he and Bisping just didn't like each other. Parsons was a great, humble person. He always talked to all the fighters and was friends with everybody. Bisping is just Bisping. Everyone is their own person. He likes to run his mouth and that's how he does it. He plays it very well. At the end of the day he's a great family man who goes home to his wife and kid with a bag of money and he's happy. That's what matters. Saying Bisping is the most hated fighter in the UFC? That's his opinion. Bisping isn't the most humble person and he's done a lot in his career to upset people but he's open about what he thinks. He doesn't hide behind a mask. People tune in to watch him. People should ask themselves how they're living their lives. They're hating everybody. They're hating me too! But the ratings are going up. They show my face all the time. People hate someone so much but still take one hour of their lives to watch that person. Then the next day they go to their job they hate, kiss their wife that they hate, want to kill, so what are you doing with your life?

For the second fight, I thought that John Dodson and John Albert would make much more sense. Dodson was quick on his hands and feet and did everything perfect. Prince was doing very well. He's very strong but Dodson just has so much experience. I won't say I expected it but the odds were on Dodson's side. I wasn't surprised. I thought Prince could pull it off if he stuck to the straight gameplan but he came up short. It's heartbreaking. I love the guy. He's a very good friend. Blood, sweat and tears. People don't understand sometimes what it takes to do this. How hard it is to put your heart on the line and come up short. Your whole world falls apart.

Stay tuned guys. It's going to get better and better. Just keep watching. They wanted us to go crazy and so I did. I went crazy. I'll be that guy this season. Drinks on me!

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