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VIDEO: UFC Fighters Get K-9'd

The UFC's Frank MirForrest GriffinDan Hardy and Stephan Bonnar work as tackling dummies at the Las Vegas PD's 21st Annual K-9 Trials.

Griffin is an ex-cop so it's not surprising to see him helping out the boys in blue. Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy didn't let his image get in the way -- or maybe it made him a perfect foil for some vicious, but controlled, German Shepherds. 

This is good PR and community outreach for the UFC. Everyone likes dogs after all and most of us appreciate public safety.

This is random but I wanted to throw it in here because it's hilarious and shows what can happen when a k-9 squad doesn't do its training:

Irvington, N.J. will pay a $30,000 settlement to Joseph A. Jones for a March 2008 incident when he was attacked by a police dog named Bilko after he tried to run from police at a traffic stop.
Since the Jones incident, Bilko's handler, Brian Rice, 43, has been sent to prison for official misconduct in an off-duty confrontation outside a store where another Irvington officer worked as a security guard.

In that November 2007 incident, a store surveillance video showed Rice punching a customer, after which he removed the security tapes. The other officer was also later booted from the force.

Rice is serving his sentence at Garden State Youth Correctional Facility.

Formed in 1970, Irvington's K-9 unit was disbanded in August due to tight budgets and past legal issues, officials said. In 2008, the township paid a $115,000 settlement to four men who sued, saying they were attacked by the same dog, which was not Bilko.