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Brock Lesnar Wrestles, Roy Nelson Slims Down On The Round-Up

MMA Nation rounds up the latest news from the UFC and the world of mixed martial arts.

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MMA Nation Round-Up provides you with daily coverage of the latest in news, multimedia, and analysis throughout the world of combat sports. Today we bring you a plethora of video goodness featuring B.J. Penn, Chael Sonnen, and of course, Chuck Liddell's star-turn on Hawaii Five-0. Also, look out for a slimmed down (but fully bearded) Roy Nelson and a stewing beef between Brendan Schaub and Fabrico Werdum. Let's start it off.

- MMA Nation Editor-in-Chief Luke Thomas wrapped up his two part interview with Yahoo Sports' Dave Meltzer and the conversation eventually turned to Brock Lesnar's prospects against Alistiar Overeem. Meltzer on Lesnar: He may be superman and all that but no way is he gonna be 100 percent.

- As a result of the blending styles that inherently stem from professional fighting, plus the general public's mislabeling of "training MMA" as "training UFC", some within the sport have claimed the true idea of mixed martial arts is dead. B.J. Penn respectfully disagrees.

- Missed "Countdown to UFC 137"? We've got you covered. Here's the full episode for your viewing pleasure

- It's true we haven't seen Brock Lesnar in the cage for a while, but now you can see him in the ring. (Also worth noting how much smaller Lesnar looks at the end of the video. One has to wonder how much of a toll the second bout of diverticulitis had on his body.)

- B.J. Penn got the chance to write a blog for Yahoo Sports in the lead-up to UFC 137. In it, the Hawaiian defended his former rival, Georges St. Pierre"Another UFC fighter called me and said, 'GSP is scared - he has to be 110 percent before he fights.' Carlos is a very dangerous fight for GSP, so I don't blame GSP for pulling out of the fight. Some fighters go in with bad injuries and some don't."

- In case you didn't know, a beef is stewing between Brendan Schaub and Fabrico Werdum. The Brazilian put Schaub on blast via Twitter in front of his countrymen. 

- Between all the bluster and bravado, we rarely get a chance to see the real Chael Sonnen. In this revealing clip, Sonnen explains the pain he lives with knowing how close he was to accomplishing the impossible.

- Roy Nelson's beard has caught quite a bit of attention as UFC 137 draws near. Here the rotund heavyweight shows off his pride and joy while posing with Forrest Griffin. (HT: MiddleEasy


- Dallas Winston returns with the best previews in MMA -- UFC 137 Facebook undercard edition. If you like a page full of brutal gifs, look no further.

- Ed Soares discusses the new documentary Like Water, which details the lead-up to Anderson Silva's epic fight against Chael Sonnen. Soares speaks glowingly of the film while saying that Silva has become a "huge superstar" in Brazil.

- While UFC 137 may lack in star power, by no means is it lacking in potential excitement. Brent Brookhouse examines which three fights are the best bets for 'Fight of the Night'.

- Itching to try out UFC Undisputed 3? Well we can't help you there, but we can do the next best thing and supply you with a list of the 17 welterweight fighters that made the final cut.

- Chuck Liddell's acting career keeps on trucking as the UFC Hall of Famer had a featured role in Hawaii Five-O last week. Here's a full video of a much larger "Iceman" fighting Alex O'Loughlin's Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett.

- Is former WEC fan favorite Donald Cerrone in the midst of the most improbable of title runs? According to Leland Rolling, "he's close". 

- Dustin Jacoby was never supposed to be a mixed martial artist, but the former college football player somehow stumbled onto the sport and instantly fell in love. "It's kinda like playing chess, he says. "You've got to always think ahead."

- It seems odd to say, but have we reached the point where casual fans expect Asian fighters to lose? Jordan Breen examines the question while previewing the UFC debut of former Sengoku champion Hatsu Hioki.