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UFC Returning To Brazil In January 2012, According To Report

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According to reports, the UFC is putting together a January event in Sau Paulo, Brazil.

UFC President Dana White apparently meant what he said about the UFC heading back to Brazil as soon as possible. According to reports from Brazilian website Tatame, the promotion is targeting a return to the birthplace of mixed martial arts in January of 2012. No date has been confirmed by Zuffa officials, however rumors are emerging that the show could be on New Year's Day in Sau Paulo, Brazil.

According to Tatame, UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta has made several visits to various Brazilian cities for business meetings within the past few weeks. Additionally, numerous managers and fighters have reportedly been contacted by promoters looking to confirm bouts to fill the card.

UFC officials have yet to publicly comment on the report.

The promotion's immense interest in the Brazilian market stems from the breakaway success of UFC 134. Held at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the August show shattered expectations, instantly becoming one of the most memorable sporting events of the year on the wings of a raucous and emotional native crowd.