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VIDEO: Chael Sonnen Suggests Anderson Silva Dress Like A Chicken For Halloween

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Chael Sonnen was a guest on ESPN's MMA Live and he took the opportunity to disrespect UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva in a number of creative ways. Hosts Jon Anik and Kenny Florian enjoyed Sonnen's outspoken antics.

Sonnen most recently defeated Brian Stann by submission at UFC 136. After the bout he challenged Silva to a variation of the old 'loser leaves town' match, claiming that if he won their rematch Silva would have to leave the division and that if Silva won he, Sonnen, would leave the UFC.

In classic Sonnen fashion, he declared the offer to have 'expired' within a week of making it.

Silva's camp, as represented by his manager Ed Soares, has been consistently skeptical of giving Sonnen a rematch, They claim Silva will only fight four more times before retiring and that they hate to 'waste' one or more of those bouts with a rematch. Soares also complained about a rematch with Dan Henderson quite possibly being one of Silva's final four.