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Shark Fights 21: Officials Deny Booking Tim Hague Vs. Bobby Lashley

Despite a late Sunday night announcement on the official Shark Fights twitter account stating otherwise, promotion officials have denied that their upcoming Shark Fights 21 event will be headlined by a heavyweight clash between former-WWE star Bobby Lashley (6-1) and UFC veteran Tim Hague (13-5). The tweet in question:


According to Shark Fights CEO Bud Brutsman the report is untrue. "It's not Tim Hague," he said to MMA Junkie. "We haven't even signed him." Brustman went on to add that they "have no idea" who posted the announcement to the Shark Fights twitter account.

Regardless, whoever does fight Lashley will do so for the promotion's heavyweight title. According to Brustman, former champion Darrill Schoonover has been stripped of the belt following the shoulder injury that forced him out of the Shark Fights 21 main event on November 11th at the Fair Park Coliseum in Lubbock, Texas. The event will also be broadcasted by FUEL TV on December 23rd.