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VIDEO: Bellator 55 Results

Bellator has customarily released wrap-up footage of the previous weekend's event. Bellator 55 took place Cocopah Resort and Casino in Yuma, Arizona and served, among other things, as the semi-finals for the bantamweight tournament.

There's one pretty glaring omission here: Bellator light heavyweight champion Christian M'Pumbu, who lost in a non-title affair, is nowhere to be found in this video. I suppose it's all partly understandable. Bellator doesn't want to show their champion to be holding a mostly meaningless title, or at least a title where their champion's grip on it is tenuous at best (I also think an organization that purports to be 'deciding' who their champions are and which fights are made via a more 'authentic' tournament shouldn't be holding non-title affairs).

But I'm sorry, if you're going to use these videos to promote the product, the strength of the competition and the legitimacy of the talent, you can't fail to mention one of your title holders got worked over by an unknown. It's controversy and it's controversy made possible by the organization's business model. That should be accepted. And acknowledged.