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UFC Showing 3-D Fights In Movie Theaters In 2012

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) announced on their website last week that they've partners Cinedigm Digital Cinema to produce the first-ever 3-D broadcast of a UFC pay-per-view event. The first broadcast will take place on February 4, 2012 and will be carried in approximately 120 theaters nationwide. According to the release, the 3-D showing will be the first of four annual pay-per-view shows to air in theaters.

"We are extremely pleased that UFC has chosen to work with Cinedigm on this ground-breaking, live 3D broadcast," said Chris McGurk, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Cinedigm.  "We know the legions of avid UFC fans will be blown away when they see what promises to be an exciting night of championship fighting on the big-screen and in 3D."

"By partnering with Cinedigm, we’re taking the UFC viewing experience to a whole new level," UFC President Dana White said. "For the first time ever, fight fans can watch a UFC Pay-Per-View card in 3D at theatres across the country.  We want UFC fans to have the best viewing experience possible and now they get a chance to experience major UFC Pay-Per-Views in 3D."

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