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XFC 14 Results: Jamie Varner Blasts Through Nate Jolly

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After nearly stepping away from the sport, former WEC lightweight champion Jamie Varner returned from a very brief retirement to dismantle Nate Jolly at last night's XFC 14 at the UCF Arena in in Orlando, Florida. In a mere 69 seconds, the AMA-product put Jolly on his back and within moments, send Jolly to sleep with punishing ground and pound.

Here's Bloody Elbow's live blog of the fight:

Round 1: They are out early and Jolly throws a leg kick and then drops for a takedown. Varner rolls for a leg lock. Jolly steps out and Varner is able to get Jolly down and then start throwing heavy shots. Jolly is OUT! Jamie Varner lands 10 punches on a sleeping Nate Jolly. Jamie Varner IS FOR REAL! THAT MAN IS MY HERO! THAT MAN IS MY HERO! Now we'll see the old Jamie Varner! 

Official Result: Jamie Varner by Knockout via Ground n Pound. Jamie Varner isn't retiring or he's unretiring. He should celebrate by doing the worm.

Other results from the night's events: