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UFC 137 Video: Nick Diaz Speaks Out

Former Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz takes a minute out of his day to talk to The exciting 170 pounder discusses his opponent B.J. Penn. During the press call yesterday, Penn made it clear he had a ton of respect for Diaz as a fighter, calling him the best boxer in all of mixed martial arts. Here, Diaz returns the favort, calling the legendary lightweight and former welterweight champion his "favorite fighter.

"He's my favorite fighter. I know where he came from, he came from my school. As far as I'm concerned he came from where I came from, that's why he's good. MMA fans, in general, are looking forward to this fight. I think that we have some of the same style, therefore we have some of the same fans and I respect his style of fighting."

The two men will meet in the main event of UFC 137, October 29 in Las Vegas.