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M-1 Challenge 27 Payouts And Medical Suspensions

Despite his dispute with the M-1 brass, Vinny Magalhaes came away the big winner of Friday night. The Arizona Boxing & MMA Commission released the official payroll and medical suspensions list for M-1 Challenge 27 on Wednesday, and the promotion's light heavyweight champion emerged as the top earner with a reported salary of $5,500. ULTMMA first broke the news.

Along with Magalhaes, Kenny Garner represented the only other fighter earn at least $5,000, as the brawler left with that exact amount for his victory over Maxim Grishin ($2,000) to earn the M-1 interim heavyweight title.

As for the medical suspensions, Magalhaes managed to escape punishment despite being pounded for the first two rounds of his bout with Mikhail Zayats, though his Russian opponent was not as lucky. The 30-year-old Zayats was issued a 30-day precautionary suspension as a result of his knockout loss. Likewise, both Garner (45 days) and Grishin (60 days) were issued suspensions for their 24-minute war of attrition.

M-1 Challenge 27 was held on October 14th at the Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix, Arizona.

M-1 Challenge 27 payroll:

Vinny Magalhaes - $5,500
Kenny Garner - $5,000
Yasubey Enomoto - $4,500
Mikhail Zayats - $3,000
Tom Gallicchio - $3,000
Eddie Arizmendi - $2,500
Daniel Madrid - $2,500
Arthur Guseinov - $2,250
Maxim Grishin - $2,000
Joshua Thorpe - $2,000

M-1 Challenge 27 medical suspensions:

Frederick Lumpkin (Amateur) - 30 Day Suspension
Maxim Grishin (Pro) - 60 Day Suspension due to Head Blows (Fatigue) Went to Hospital
Kenneth Garner (Pro) - 45 Day Suspension (Fatigue) and Indefinite Suspension (Needs Opthalmology Clearance) Cut on Retina
Mikhail Zayats (Pro) - 30 Day Suspension (TKO) Ref stops contest