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MMA Nation Round-Up: The Georges St. Pierre Injury Fallout

MMA Nation rounds up the latest news from the UFC and the world of mixed martial arts.

MMA Nation Round-Up provides you with daily coverage of the latest in news, multimedia, and analysis throughout the world of combat sports. This morning we take a look all of yesterday's headlines, including the shocking withdrawal of Georges St. Pierre from UFC 137. Plus, for all the grappling fans out there, we'll examine the controversial restart in Rousimar Palhares vs. David Avellan at ADCC 2011.

- Of course we'll lead off with the big news from yesterday. UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre has been removed from the card of UFC 137 after suffering a knee injury in training. MMA Nation has complete, up-to-date coverage of the announcement.

- Because of the unexpected news, Nick Diaz once again finds himself settled in as the main event of UFC 137 -- this time against B.J. PennSee why the Stockton native might just tell Penn, "stop being a sissy, fight me."

- With the UFC joining the big leagues on Fox next year, it was only a matter of time before critics came along to tear down the momentum. Gossip king Perez Hilton struck the first blow on Tuesday.

- As Strikeforce continues its slow march to irrelevance, Jonathan Snowden examines what it all means in 'Strikeforce Is Dying And I Don't Care.'

- Rich Franklin has always embodied the image of the perfect 'company man.' That's why it's so shocking to hear him say, "Sometimes the UFC doesn't really have my back." 

- Chael Sonnen pressed onward with his crusade against Anderson Silva on Tuesday, stopping by The Jim Rome Show long enough to drop this little baby: "Last check he's ducked every tough fight that's come his way. I've beaten more world champions than he's ever even been in the ring with. And they're calling him the king of the division?"

- While the UFC's inevitable decision to add a flyweight class to their ranks will create another coveted championship position, Leland Rolling explains that it could ignite a whole different set of problems in the process.

- We all knew UFC President Dana White was an influential man, but did you know he was the 38th most influential man in the world?

- After two failed shots at Georges St. Pierre, Josh Koscheck appears to have fallen into 'Rich Franklin career-limbo.' Why else would he say,"I'll fight 185, I'll fight 205, I'll fight heavyweight if I'm getting paid enough. I don't care who I fight. I just like to fight, it's what I do."

- Former UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer shot a spread for the October issue of Fitness Gurl. See the photos at MMA Mania.

- We sign off with a clip of Rousimar Palhares' controversial match against David Avellan at ADCC 2011. Do you think the restart was the right call?