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UFC 137: Carlos Condit, Manager Issue Statements Affirming They'll Wait For A Healthy GSP

UFC welterweight contender Carlos Condit issued a statement to the media tonight expressing disappointment at the loss of opportunity to fight for the title at UFC 137 against Georges St. Pierre. More importantly, Condit reaffirms the claim he will not face another opponent in the short run. Instead, he'll wait until St. Pierre is healed to claim his title shot. "I am greatly disappointed, for both myself and UFC fans, that I will no longer be fighting for the Welterweight title at UFC 137, but I also understand that injuries are a part of this business," said Condit.

"As a professional fighter, it is my job to be prepared for any and all circumstances, positive and negative, that come my way during training and the actual fight. Georges is a great competitor and I know that he will want to return to 100 percent health as soon as possible so that this fight can be rescheduled."

While understandably upset at the delay, Condit took the long view in terms of his career and where this opportunity fits in in the larger context. "This is the best training camp I have ever had, and I look forward to carrying over the growth that I’ve experienced in this camp to my next one," said the Greg Jackson-product. "I have trained for over a decade in mixed martial arts with the clear goal of becoming the best fighter in the world at my weight class. I have worked this long to become the UFC Welterweight Champion.  I will work a little longer."

Malki Kawa, Condit’s Agent and First Round Management CEO, also issued a statement in the same release reaffirming Condit will wait to fight St. Pierre rather than take another fight in the short run. "Carlos Condit is the top contender in the UFC’s Welterweight division, and as such, the most logical decision for him is to be ready for the title shot he has earned against Georges St-Pierre as soon as St-Pierre is fully recovered," said Kawa.

"While it is disappointing that he will not fight on the UFC 137 card, it is my hope that fans understand that this is the best matchup at this weight class. Carlos is hungry for the title shot and when this fight is rescheduled, he will be ready to show the world what made him the top contender."