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AUDIO: Chael Sonnen On The Jim Rome Show, ‘I’ll Slap Anderson In The Face’

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Chael Sonnen forged ahead with his crusade against UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva on Tuesday afternoon, calling into The Jim Rome Show. The brash contender explained his UFC 136 post-fight antics while maintaining his desire for another shot at the title.

As one would expect, a litany of verbal gems rained down from the interview. Some examples:

On his post-UFC 136 callout of Anderson Silva: That was a spur of the moment type of thing. I'm trying to pick a fight with this guy. This is the most confusing thing I've ever been part of in this sport. You've got an alleged champion letting me talk to him that way while he sits fifteen feet away ... with his head down. You've got a guy like me sticking his finger in his chest day after day, hour after hour, and he can't say a word. The one time he finally speaks up is to say 'I don't want the rematch. I don't want to fight you.' I don't understand how we can can this guy champion.

Last check he's ducked every tough fight that's come his way. Last check I've been calling him out for six years. I've beat every champion of every company there's ever been. I've beaten more world champions than he's ever even been in the ring with. And they're calling him the king of the division?

On Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre: Me fighting the air is a bigger fight than those two turkeys ... Apparently because I'm wildly popular ... A mop and a garbage can in the ring with me would be more interesting than those two.

If Anderson Silva had called him out after a fight: I'd have come over the guard rail. I'd have walked up those little steps. I'd have got in the Octagon, taken the microphone out of his hand, and shoved it straight down his throat.

How he lost to Silva: Here's the bottom line. There's a lot of things that can happen out there and there's a lot of things that did happen out there. And I took mercy on him; he's talking to me during the fight. The fight was over, he quit. And he came back. Look, good for him, that's what dreams are made of and that's the way it really went down. As far as 'how did I lost to him,' look, what do you want me to say? The bottom line is let's do it again. I'm the right guy. I've beaten everybody. I'm at the top of the food chain. And I'm not afraid to fight. And apparently he is.

Whether his comments about Silva's wife were over the line: As far as the line, I don't care. People tell me it shouldn't be personal, well Jim it is personal. Okay. I'm picking a fight. If he has a problem with it, come do something about it. What does he do? He called Dana White and tattled on me. Can you believe that? He told Uncle Dana that I went too far. Well, maybe I did. Guess what? Let's get in the Octagon -- the people's forum -- and settle this. I will answer for everything I've ever done or said. Hit my music -- when it hits those speakers I'll make that walk. Anderson, you do the same, and we will figure this out in front of the world.

If he'll still leave the UFC should he lose to Silva: That offer was good when I made it, but it's like any offer, you know, they've got to expire. Apparently, that didn't work. I'm doing anything I can to lure him out, and yes, I would have absolutely done that. I'd have done a winner-takes-all, I'd have done any stipulation he wanted. All he needed to do was stand up and give me a thumbs up. He wanted to accept that offer, all he needed to do was nod to me, or have one of his handlers come into the back and says 'Anderson accepts.' He did the exact opposite. He went to the media and said 'I do not want to fight that guy.' So what can I do? Now I have to come up with a new offer.