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VIDEO: Second UFC On Fox 1 Promo Emerges

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This short promo for UFC on Fox 1 already seems to be a hit, at least among the MMA media who've commented. Set to 'Sympathy for the Devil' by The Rolling Stones, this promo exemplifies less is more. There isn't any screaming, leading narration or any of the typical trimmings of the UFC advertisement. And the use of the Stones is the sort of content elevation I think at least a small subset of the MMA cognoscenti have been craving.

Personally speaking, I also enjoy it, but speaking to a few (very) casual fans there were some mixed reviews. Compared with the other ad already released, this one eased up on the hand holding for newer fans. To the casuals, that's not what they're looking for. And given UFC President Dana White has stated there will be many people watching UFC for the first time when UFC on Fox 1 goes live, perhaps this viewpoint is more representative than I'd ordinarily believe.

It's the unfortunate reality of MMA's modern predicament: the trimmings and atmospherics of the sport have to keep pace with the audience's comprehension of the sport itself. It creates for steady, if often painfully slow progress. Hopefully this broadcast television audience accessed by the UFC is the last real wave of 'preliminary' audiences the sport has to break through before we can have less is more.