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Bellator Signs UFC veteran Maiquel Falcao

Bellator bossman Bjorn Rebney announced that the promotion has signed UFC veteran Maiquel Falcao yesterday during the Bellator 54 preliminary fights stream on Falcao is best known for a one fight stint with the UFC that saw him beat Gerald Harris at UFC 123

That bout was shrouded in controversy. Not only did a time keeper's error likely prevent Falcao from getting a rear naked choke tapout win over Harris at the end of the second round, but neither fighter ever returned to the UFC. Harris was cut after the fight, despite a 3-1 record with the organization. Falcao was cut after legal issues in his native Brazil prevented his return at UFC 134

Falcao, a middleweight, is 2-1 since leaving the UFC with two TKO wins and one submission loss to Jiu-Jitsu world champion Antonio Braga Neto. He'll be an exciting addition to Bellator's middleweight division and will likely enter their next middleweight tournament as a favorite. Beyond that, he's a fighter who could give Bellator middleweight champion Hector Lombard a serious run for his money.