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B.J. Penn Gives The UFC The Promo They Wanted

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A while back there was a fairly silly one or two day controversy ok maybe it wasn't really a controversy, just a hubbub, about whether or not the UFC had tried to manipulate B.J. Penn to get him to say "bad things" about UFC 137 opponent Nick Diaz.

Now the video in question has finally been released. Hold on to your hats fight fans, B.J. is off the chain in this one! Well maybe not off the chain. Ok he's not even pulling on the chain, but he is ready to fight and beat Nick Diaz.

If you believe the hype that is.

Fans will recall that Penn was originally set to face former WEC champ Carlos Condit in the card's co-main event. Then ex-Strikeforce champ Nick Diaz elected to skip out on two press conferences in two days and the UFC booted him out of his scheduled title fight with Georges St. Pierre

After giving Nick a few stern talking-to's, the UFC gave him a consolation fight with Penn.