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Trouble Brewing? Dana White Says Brock Lesnar Will Never Wrestle For The WWE While He's Under UFC Contract

Recently Lesnar has expressed interest in a final match in the WWE ring. As a former champion, and current megastar, the wrestling promotion likely thinks he will garner the kind of attention The Rock does when he makes his yearly return to the WWE. Many speculated about a possible Wrestlemania match. Not so fast.

UFC President Dana White isn't so sure he wants one of his biggest draws working for Vince McMahon - even if only for one night.

"Brock Lesnar will never wrestle for the WWE while he's under contract to me. But to be in their video game? That's part of his history. He came from the WWE. I brought Brock Lesnar into the UFC, guy had one fight. He was 1-0. The WWE built him up into the star that he was and for me to go back and now say 'No, he's mine,' I don't care about that. It doesn't affect me or my business personally and it helps my athlete."