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The Ultimate Fighter 14 Episode 4 Recap: Less Drama, More Fights

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Hey guys! Two fights this week! Not so much drama this time. Much more about the fights.

I still don't know why Bisping didn't show up to the fight announcement. I don't remember. Some of the guys minded but he's not our father. He's not our coach even. Our real coaches are at home. He was our coach for the season. Of course we respect him for that and we stick with this guy whatever it takes. The only thing those coaches could do was amplify our skills and help us out in the corner. That's what I was after. Just help add to the training I have worked on for the last seven years.

Dodson was also snitching all the information. You have to remember he had been a teammate with Diego for four years before the show so of course these new friends are not going to come in between their friendship. Not only that but Dodson was really one of us. He was hanging out with us all the time. He really never hung with his team. He was one of the guys who never cared about the team stuff. He was one of my absolute favorite guys in the house.

Everybody thought Stephan Bass could perform well in that fight but Dennis Bermudez is a very powerful wrestler. Stephan is just one of those guys who doesn't want to be taken down. He didn't stick to the game plan. He said it himself. He's a terrible listener. Maybe also some over training too. People don't think about the 12 week camp we did before we got into the house. Then we have to fight again.

Normally we take two weeks off and rest right after. But three days after you get into the house you might be fighting again. Bermudez did what he had to do and put it on Bass. I have to give it to Bass. He was hanging in there. We never fully heard what was said between he and Bisping. There are two sides to every story. At the end of the day he didn't go out and win that fight. You are responsible for yourself inside the cage. The corner can't fight for you. One little tiny thing blew up into a huge drama.

I actually thought Louis Gaudinot was going to beat the shit out of Dustin Pague. I was surprised by Dustin's skills. The gameplan was not to stand. The plan was to take him down, but he didn't. Dustin displayed great Thai boxing skill. That knee to the nose was the beginning of the end. He broke his nose and we lost another fight. Louis fought great. It wasn't his best but you could see he was a real fighter. Now we're down 0-4. Still very focused on our objective at this point.

If you have greater than a five IQ it's very clear that Bisping and Miller have a very different style of coaching. The most preferable is Miller's way of coaching. Methodic, slow and positive. Bisping was more just yelling "get the F up!" How am I going to get the F up? Tell me how to get up. Different styles. We're not there with our normal coaches so I would never criticize Bisping for that. He just wasn't as clear and methodic. His gameplans were always great. He can just be emotional during the fights. Miller did a great job though.

I can't say anything about next week but I can promise some real craziness! You'll have to stay tuned.

I promise the season only gets better guys so please keep watching and remember we are all one world. We are all one.

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