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NFL Red Zone's Andrew Siciliano Is Not A Fan Of MMA

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It seems bizarre to think about in this day and age, but a rather large group of people throughout the country still believe mixed martial arts to be the second coming of the Roman gladiators. In a clip that has quickly made waves across the internet, NFL Red Zone's Andrew Siciliano explained why he is an unabashed member of that group. 

In a conversation with Caged Insider, Siciliano revives the essence of John McCain and the "human cockfighting" argument as he explains his issues with mixed martial arts. Here are some lowlights from the conversation.

I just think it's garbage. I'll tell you why, it's a bar fight... If I'm choking you, and holding your head down with my knee, while punching you in the nose, there is no other way to describe that, regardless of the level of fitness of the combatants, than as a bar fight... That is a YouTube video. People sell that crap at 3 o'clock in the morning for $19.95.

Let me say this: they fight in a cage. I mean, God, what else do you want me to say?

Of course, he then went on to compare the sport to the same level of barbarism as the gladiators in ancient Rome.

Every mixed martial arts fan has probably had a similarly infuriating conversation with someone who refuses to refresh their antiquated notions, so this type of thing is nothing new. Still, because of the immense platform readied for MMA over the next few years, this minor example is likely just the first of many as the sport forcibly storms into the old guard's lexicon.