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UFC Live 6 Results: Dominick Cruz Vs. Demetrious Johnson Round 4

Live play-by-play of the fourth round of the UFC bantamweight championship bout between Dominick Cruz and Demetrious Johnson.

Fourth Round Johnson getting the edge on the feet. Cruz a little flustered by Johnson's speed. Cruz shoots in for a take down. Cruz passes guard. Cruz in full mount. Some light ground and pound from Cruz. Johnson reclaims guard. Johnson trying to scoot out. Cruz chasing him down. Johnson pops back up. Johnson chases, landing flurries. Cruz forces a clinch. Johnson breaks out. Knee to the head. Great scramble. Knee to the body. Kick to the body. Cruz looks tired. They trade on the feet. Cruz forces the clinch and trips Johnson down. Cruz gets to half guard. Wild exchange on the break. Demetrious attacking with a flurry. Great exchange to end the round. MMA Nation scores it for Dominick Cruz 10-9. Cruz is way up on the score cards.

Last round of the title fight coming up.