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UFC On Versus 6 Results: Stefan Struve Submits Pat Barry In Second Frame

The most awkward match-up of the night had one of the more predictable endings. I expected either Barry or Struve to get knocked out or for Struve's guard to save him in the end. After a slow first round, Struve - after being rocked - was able to latch on a late submission. Barry's attempt to get out of it did him no good.

Round 2 Barry lunges inside behind some big punches and staggers Struve. Struve with a high kick. Barry with a combo, ending with a high kick. Leg kick from Barry. Barry checking kicks. Another hard leg kick from Barry. Struve firing jabs. Struve tries to lock in a Thai plum. Barry lands a big right. Struve fires right back. Struve gets a front headlock and goes for a standing d'arce choke. Struve transitions to a triangle. Barry slams him hard. Struve taps him.

UFC Live 6 Results: Stefan Struve defeats Pat Barry by submission (triangle choke) at 3:22 of Round 2.